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The fall and rise of the council estate | Society | The Guardian.

La caiguda i l’aixecament de les promocions del consell

Durant dècades, la finca Aylesbury, al sud de Londres ha estat vist com un símbol del fracàs de l’habitatge social britànica. Però ara – com està sent demolit – molta gent està començant a repensar-ho.


The long read: For decades, the Aylesbury estate in south London has been seen as a symbol of the failure of British social housing. But now – just as it is being demolished – many people are starting to think again

Origen: The fall and rise of the council estate | Society | The Guardian

rebuilding Elgin Street

Els nivells de servei del carrer.

Manifesto Multilinko 2

Thanks to Catherine McKenney for posting the Elgin Street consultation deck (PDF, 11MB) in advance of the public meeting that took place on June 28, 2016.

Particular kudos for including multi-modal Level of Service (LOS) which shows that cars get top level of service (A) while every other mode has a terrible experience.

Elgin Multi-modal Level of Service LOS slide 79

From the many many options presented, here are my top three designs in order of preference, with my priority being on slowing cars, shortening crossing distances and other safety considerations:

1. One Lane Per Direction, No Left-Turn Lane, No On-Street Parking (slide 81 in the deck)

Elgin street design slide 81


  • Having two narrow lanes in opposite directions provides the design signals that will cause cars to slow down dramatically.
  • Expected slower speeds means cyclists can mix with traffic.
  • Using space for pedestrians rather than parking means smoother traffic flow (no waiting for cars to enter, exit, or find parking spaces).

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