What Bus Rapid Transit Is and What It Isn’t

Qué és i que no és el Bus Rapid Transit.

No és molt freqüent que els alcaldes de les ciutats d’Amèrica del Nord viatgen a Amèrica del Sud per admirar els models de planificació urbana. Hi ha una excepció notable, i que és Curitiba, Brasil, on fa quaranta anys es va crear una nova visió de la mobilitat urbana, la modernització del caos bus privat que domina moltes grans ciutats d’Amèrica del Sud.

M’agrada l’exemple de Curitiba especialment, ja que va ser inventat per un arquitecte que, una vegada que va ser elegit alcalde, immediatament va començar a pensar fora de la caixa…

The Urban Sustainability Laboratory

Klaus Philipsen
Sustainable Cities Collective
July 27, 2015

Indy connect vision of BRT

It isn’t too often that mayors of North American cities travel to South America to admire urban planning models. There is one notable exception, and that is Curitiba, Brazil, where forty years ago a new vision for urban mobility was created, revamping the private bus chaos that dominates many South American big cities.

I like the Curitiba example especially, for it was invented by an architect who, once he was elected mayor, immediately began to think outside the box.

He watched the clogged major arteries leading in and out of his rapidly growing mega city, the foul air and the many carless urban poor that couldn’t get anywhere, and decided that something needed to be done that was fast, relatively cheap and system-wide. Unlike the one shiny subway line that Chile’s Santiago boasts, he gave his Curitiba…

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